Here is DOGICA - intelligent, cute, talented and loyal pooch! (o:
She can walk, play, sit, lie down and roll over. Try to pet her and watch
how she responds. Entertain her by playing ball or giving her a bone.
Reward a canine with a treat! To get her to sit, double-click your mouse
on the ground close to her. Double-click again to get her to lie down,
then hold mouse button down,make a circular motion to roll the dog over




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Kainos Kaios
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Kajo Kajus
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Killer Killroy
Killy Kim
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Kimo Kimon
Kimono King
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Kinte Kinto
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Klicko Kliff
Kliks Klingon
Klint Kliv
Klockow'S Klodo
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Knox Knuddel
Knurri'S Knut
Knuth Kobbo
Kobold Koco
Kody Kohut
Kojack Kojak
Koko Kolbie
Koldbakken'S Kolja
Kollin Kollo
Kolo Kolt
Kolumbo Kombo
Komet Komic
Komo Konan
Kondo Kondor
Kong Konino
Konn Konny
Kono Konon
Konrad Kons
Konstantin Kontor
Kony Konz
Korado Koran
Korbo Kordeyl
Korinth Korl
Kornett Koro
Korro Korry
Kosack Kosak
Kosar Kosby
Koshy Kosimo
Kosmo Kosmos
Koss Kosta
Kottan Kount
Kquai Krallo
Kratmosen'S Kratmosens
Krenz Krews
Krim Kris
Krischan Kriss
Krister Kroll
Kronat Kronos
Kroy Krull
Krumme'S Krups
Kr?ck Kr?sus
Kuddel Kuddl
Kufor Kufour
Kuggy Kujo
Kuli Kuly
Kumpel Kuno
Kunos Kunz
Kurd Kurdan
Kurly Kurt
Kurth Kurti
Kusko Kusto
Kvando Kveno
Kwai Kweo'S
Kwinn Kyl
Kym Kyras
Kyrill K?n
K?ptn K?rry
K?nig K?rky
K?mmel K?ra?
Kacy Kad
Kada Kade
Kadja Kaerh?j
Kahna Kaija
Kaisa Kaja
Kala Kalahari
Kali Kalida
Kalie Kalina
Kalinka Kaliope
Kalla Kalli
Kama Kamira
Kammie Kamoa
Kamp Kamp.
Kampbea Kana
Kanada Kancy
Kanda Kandi
Kandia Kandie
Kandra Kandyna
Kane Kania
Kanja Kanni
Kanta Kantara
Kanti Kanton'S
Kappa Kaprice
Kapries Kara
Karamba Karassi
Karat'S Karba
Kareen Karen
Kari Karia
Karibik Karin
Karina Karinaja
Karine Karla
Karline Karma
Karmen Karola
Karolin Karoll
Karon Karpa
Karrie Karsta
Karste Kartana
Kasablanca Kasandra
Kasba Kasca
Kascha Kasie
Kasina Kasja
Kaska Kassa
Kassandra Kassia
Kassis Kassy
Kaste Kasy
Kata Katana
Katanga Katarina
Kate Katharina
Katherina Kathi
Kathia Kathie
Kathinka Kathja
Kathrin Kathy
Kati Katia
Katie Katinka
Katja Katjana
Katl Katrin
Katte Katti
Katty Katy
Katya Katze
Kaula Kauzi
Kaya Kayja
Kayla Kayti
Kea Keba
Kedi Keeza
Keggi Keggy
Kehlchen Keika
Kela Kelia
Kella Kelley
Kelli Kellie
Kellina Kelly
Kellyna Kena
Kenci Kenda
Kendela Kendi
Kendie Kendra
Kendy Keni
Kenia Kenie
Kenja Kenjaka
Kenna Kenni
Kennie Kensy
Kenta Kenti
Kenya Kenzi
Kera Kerbe
Kerka Kern'S
Kerren Kerri
Kerrie Kerry
Kersti Kerstin
Kersty Kescha
Kesi Kesri
Kess Kessa
Kesse Kessi
Kessie Kessina
Kessy Kessyla
Kesta Kesy
Kethy Ketty
Keya Kia
Kiani Kiara
Kicki Kiefer
Kiela Kiera
Kiggi Kija
Kiki Kiko
Kila Killa
Kilma Kim
Kima Kimba
Kimbaly Kimberly
Kimi Kimmi
Kimmie Kimmy
Kimona Kimy
Kina Kinara
Kindi Kindie
Kindy Kini
Kinna Kinni
Kinnie Kinski
Kiowa Kira
Kirala Kirana
Kiranda Kirane
Kiri Kirina
Kirka Kirra
Kirry Kirsa
Kirsche Kirsten
Kirstin Kiry
Kisha Kismet
Kiss Kissa
Kissi Kissy
Kita Kitala
Kitti Kittia
Kittina Kittinka
Kitty Kity
Kiva Kiwa
Kiwi Kizzy
Kjeldmoses Klana
Klara Klarabella
Klassic Klea
Kleetal'S Kleo
Kler Klera
Klesti Klette
Klia Klima
Klio Klockow'S
Klodi Kluni
Klutzi Kl?rchen
Kl?re Kl?rle
Kneipe Knolle
Knurri'S Kobra
Kocco Kojak
Koka Koko
Kola Koldbakken'S
Kolett Kolette
Kolina Kolli
Kollie Komtess
Komtesse Komte?
Kona Konchita
Kondra Konga
Koni Konie
Konni Konnie
Konny Kony
Konya Kora
Koralle Korana
Korda Kordi
Kordia Kordy
Kori Korie
Korin Korina
Korinna Korita
Korri Korrie
Korry Korsa
Korsina Kortina
Kory Kosa
Koseita Kosel
Kosi Kosie
Kosima Kosta
Krabbe Krafta
Kralle Krappe
Kratmosen'S Kratmosens
Kresa Krimhilde
Krimi Krinka
Kris Krischa
Krisha Kriss
Krissi Krissie
Krissy Krista
Kristalla Kristi
Kristin Kristina
Krone Kroni
Krumme Krusa
Kuba Kude
Kudrun Kuka
Kuki Kumi
Kuna Kundi
Kundra Kundry
Kuni Kunilda
Kunilt Kuniswinde
Kuniza Kunna
Kura Kurde
Kurina Kuritiba
Kurly-Sue Kusa
Kusi Kussi
Kussy Kuste
Kusti Kwanna
Kwinta Kylwalda
Kyna Kynda
Kyra Kyria
K?ndi K?ndie
K?ndy K?ssi
K?tchen K?te
K?thchen K?the
K?thi K?rlie

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Labatt Labbo
Label Labrador
Lace Lachs
Lack Lackel
Lacko Lacks
Lacky Lacon
Lacoste Lado
Laerry Lafontain
Laggl Lago
Lagos Laigh
Laik Laiko
Laines Laios
Laius Lajos
Lake Lakers
Laki Lako
Laky Lamarck
Lambert Lambo
Lamborghini Lamour
Lancelot Lancy
Lando Landor
Landro Lanko
Lano Lans
Lanso Lanto
Lanus Lanz
Lanzelot Lanzo
Lao Laois
Laos Lappes
Laps Laptop
Larco Larden
Lardo Lardok
Lardos Laredo
Larek Largo
Largos Largus
Lario Lariot
Larj Larko
Laro Laros
Larro Larry
Larryo Lars
Larses Larson
Larusch Lary
Lasar Lascho
Lasco Laser
Laskar Lasko
Laslo Laslor
Lassan Lasse
Lasslo Lasso
Lassor Lassy
Lastro Latus
Latz Lauda
Laudo Laurent
Laurin Lauro
Lauser Lawrence
Lax Layos
Lazaro Laßlo
Leach Leander
Leandro Learoy
Lebeck Lech
Ledor Lee
Lee-Roy Leeds
Lefty Legan
Lego Legro
Legus Lehmann
Leif Leik
Leiko Leikon
Leinbo'S Leines
Leio Leister
Leiv Lejeck
Lektor Lemgo
Lencer Lenin
Lenn Lennart
Lennon Lennox
Lenny Lenon
Lenos Leny
Lenz Lenzo
Leo Leon
Leonardo Leonidas
Leopard Leopold
Leopoldo Leos
Leps Lerby
Leri Lermo
Lero Leron
Leroy Lerri
Lerrie Lerry
Lerryno Lerus
Lery Lesco
Lescos Lesko
Leskor Lesoto
Lesso Lestat
Lester Leu
Leutnant Levin
Levis Lewie
Lewis Lex
Lexas Lexo
Lexos Lexus
Lhotse Libero
Licio Lico
Lido Liebo
Liebwin Liedo
Life Liga
Likkor Liko
Likor Liktor
Lille-Noller'S Lille-Nollers
Lim Limar
Limbo Limbus
Limes Limit
Limo Lincoln
Lindo Lingo
Link Lino
Linos Lins
Linus Lion
Liones Lirgo
Lirko Liro
Liroy Lirung
Lisko List
Liston Liszt
Litaipo Lito
Litty Litz
Livio Livius
Lix Lloyd
Lobau Lobby
Lobo Lobster
Lobus Lockhoff'S
Locko Locky
Locutus Logan
Logo Lois
Loisl Lollo
Lomax Lombard
Lombardo Lonar
Longo Longvale
Lono Lonzo
Lopes Lopezor
Lorbas Lorbass
Lorbeer Lorby
Lord Lordo
Lorenz Lorenzo
Loriot Loris
Lork Lorko
Lorne Loser
Lot Lothar
Lotus Lotuso
Lou Louis
Loupo Louxor
Lover Lowik
Loy Loyd
Luc Lucar
Lucas Luchs
Lucian Luciano
Luck Luckas
Luckason Lucki
Lucky Luckylo
Luco Ludo
Ludwig Lug
Lugar Luggy
Lugiano Lui
Luicke Luidgi
Luiggi Luigi
Luis Luisor
Luk Lukas
Luke Luki
Lukky Luky
Lulgo Luma
Lumby Lumo
Lump Lundo
Lunko Luno
Lunz Lupo
Lupus Lurch
Lurchy Lustig
Lutin Luto
Lutz Lutze
Lutzo Lux
Luxor Luzifer
Lyager'S Lyas
Lymbo Lynn
Lynx Lyon
Lyshöj'S Lärry
Läry Läusel
Lück Lümmel
La-Fam La-Moon
La-Sun Labell
Lacie Lacki
Lackie Lacky
Lacoste Lacrima
Lacy Lada
Ladie Ladonna
Lady Ladylove
Laedy Lafayette
Laica Laicka
Laida Laidy
Laika Laikana
Laike Laila
Laina Laisa
Laja Lakie
Lakota Lala
Lale Lambada
Lambarda Lampe
Lana Lancia
Lancome Landa
Landana Landi
Landra Lane
Laney Langtoftens
Lani Lanie
Lanina Lanja
Lanka Lantana
Laoy Lara
Larah Larena
Larie Larina
Larinja Larisa
Lariss Larissa
Larisssa Larka
Larni'S Larrie
Larrissa Lasche
Lasie Laska
Lassa Lassah
Lassi Lassie
Lassy Lathi
Latoya Lauda
Laura Laure
Laureen Lauren
Laurette Lauri
Laurin Laus
Lava Lavia
Lavina Lavita
Lawa Lawie
Lawina Laya
Layca Laydi
Layeesha Layka
Layla Lea
Leah Leandra
Lecinda Leda
Ledi Ledie
Ledy Lee
Leela Leha
Lehdy Lehni
Leica Leicana
Leidy Leika
Leike Leikena
Leila Leinbo'S
Leisa Leja
Leksa Lelia
Lemga Lena
Lenchen Lenda
Lende Lene
Lenea Lenge
Leni Lenie
Lenigne Lenna
Lenni Lennie
Leoni Leonie
Leonor Lera
Lerche Lerrie
Lersa Lesca
Lescka Lesie
Lesika Leska
Leski Lesley
Leslie Lesly
Lessi Lessie
Lessli Lessy
Leta Lethe
Leto Letta
Lette Letti
Levante Levara
Levita Lexa
Lexana Lexi
Lexis Lexy
Leya Leyka
Leyla Leylah
Lhestia Lia
Liana Liane
Liba Libby
Libelle Liberty
Libra Lica
Lida Liddi
Lidi Lidia
Lie Liebcra
Liebe Liebtrud
Lies Liesa
Lieschen Liese
Liesel Lieselotte
Liesi Liesl
Liez Life
Liga Lika
Lilian Lilimarlen
Lilith Lill
Lille Lille-Noller'S
Lilli Lilli-Matina
Lillo Lillskan
Lilly Lilo
Lily Lima
Limara Limba
Limone Lina
Linca Lind
Linda Lindana
Linde Lindie
Lindsey Line
Linett Linka
Linse Linzey
Lipa Lira
Lire Lis
Lisa Lisbeth
Lischa Lisi
Lisie Liska
Lisl Liss
Lissa Lissi
Lissie Lissina
Lissy Lissyna
Listra Lita
Litta Litti
Litzi Liv
Live Livi
Livia Livien
Lixia Lixy
Liz Liza
Lizy Lizzi
Lizzie Lizzy
Locke Lockhoff'S
Locki Lockie
Lodin Loenne
Loga Loggi
Logik Lohra
Loiness Loipe
Loise Loki
Lola Lolita
Lolla Lolli
Lollipop Lollo
Lolly Lolo
Loma Lona
Londi Lone
Loni Lonia
Lonka Lonni
Lonny Lony
Loona Lora
Loraine Lorca
Lore Loredana
Loreley Lorena
Loreta Lorett
Loretta Lorette
Lori Lorien
Lorinda Lorine
Lorje Lorka
Lorna Lorret
Lorri Lorrie
Lorry Lory
Loschie Lotta
Lotte Lotti
Lottie Lottika
Lotty Lotus
Lou Loua
Louise Lova
Love Lubine
Luca Luci
Lucia Lucie
Luciel Lucki
Luckie Lucrecia
Lucy Luder
Ludie Ludmilla
Luisa Luise
Luitha Luki
Lulli Lulu
Lului Lumi
Luna Lundevejen'S
Lundevejens Lundi
Lundy Luni
Lunte Lura
Lurchi Lusardi
Lusi Lusie
Luska Lussi
Lussie Lussy
Lusy Lutsi
Lutzi Lutzie
Luxa Luxie
Luxus Luzi
Luzie Luzill
Luzy Lya
Lyager'S Lyana
Lychee Lydia
Lyn Lynn
Lynni Lyra
Lyrana Lyshöj'S
Lyssi Lyssina
Lädy Lärry
Lövforsens Lütje

The boys The girls
M'Ken Mac
Macao Macau
Macho Machoro
Mack Maco
Mado Mador
Madras Madri
Maestro Maex
Maffay Maffey
Magic Magnet
Magnum Magnus
Mago Maharatscha
Maic Maico
Maik Maikel
Maikl Maiko
Maiky Maja
Majo Major
Maky Malcom
Maldo Malik
Malin Malko
Mallo Malo
Malon Malone
Malov Malte
Malto Maltus
Malwo Mambo
Mando Mandy
Mane Manfred
Mango Manitou
Manitu Manni
Manno Manny
Mano Manolito
Manolo Manto
Mantoro Mantos
Mantu Manuel
Manus Manusch
Maradonna Marc
Marcel Marck
Marco Marcon
Marcos Marcus
Marder Marduk
Marek Marello
Margo Marin
Marino Mario
Marius Mark
Markallens Markant
Markkos Marko
Markon Markor
Markos Markus
Marlboro'S Marlo
Marlok Marlon
Marlow Marlyi
Maro Maroc
Marok Marokko
Marquis Marro
Mars Marscha
Marschall Marshall
Mart Marten
Martin Martinez
Marto Marty
Marvin Marwyn
Marx Mascho
Masco Mascot
Masko Mason
Masso Master
Masteron Match
Matcho Math
Mats Matsch
Matscho Matt
Matte Matteo
Mattes Mattey
Matto Matty
Matz Matze
Matzo Maud
Mauno Maurice
Mauro Maverick
Max Maxim
Maximilian Maxl
Maxon Maxus
Maxwell Maxy
Mayco Mayk
Mayky Maylo
Mazo Mec
Meck Mecks
Mecky Mediceef
Mediceer Medoc
Medscher Meic
Meick Meik
Meikel Meikl
Meiko Meineches
Meino Meky
Mel Melchior
Mell Mellos
Melon Melvin
Memix Mendo
Mendor Menix
Menno Menphis
Mento Mentor
Mentos Menzy
Mephisto Merano
Mercanti Merco
Merit Merkur
Merl Merlin
Merlo Mero
Merto'S Meteor
Metro Mett
Mex Mexico
Mexos Mezzo
Mic Micha
Michael Michel
Micho Mick
Mickey Micki
Micko Micky
Mico Miguel
Mik Mikado
Mike Miki
Mikko Miko
Mikosch Mikro
Miky Milan
Milano Miles
Milian Milko
Mill Milo
Milton Mimo
Mingo Mingon
Mink Minko
Mino Minos
Minus Mirage
Mirco Mircon
Mirk Mirko
Mirkos Miro
Mirro Mischa
Mischaland'S Mischou
Mister Mistral
Mitch Mitchel
Mitho Mithras
Mito Mitsch
Mix Mobby
Moby Moc
Moe Mogli
Moglie Mogly
Mohr Moko
Moltas Molto
Momo Momosan
Monaco Mondeo
Mondo Monjo
Monko Monro
Monrö Monster
Montanus Monte
Montell Montgomery
Monti Montie
Montis Monto
Monty Monza
Monzar Monzo
Monzon Moolouk
Moonwinds Moor
Moppel Mops
Moran Morell
Moris Moritz
Moritzko Moriz
Moro Morpheus
Morris Morritz
Morro Morrys
Mose Mose'
Moses Moss
Mot Motzer
Mounio Mozart
Muc Muchta
Muchtan Muck
Muckl Mucky
Muk Mungo
Munko Munter
Murano Murk
Murphy Muto
Mutscho Mutz
Mux Myron
Mythus Mäcky
Mäx Mäxx
Mönch Mörby
Maaike Maara
Mabel Madam
Madame Madelaine
Madi Madina
Madita Madonna
Madra Mady
Madyla Maedl
Maendy Maerry
Magda Magdalena
Magenta Maggi
Maggie Maggy
Magit Magot
Magrid Magy
Mahe Maia
Maid Maidy
Maika Maike
Maja Maka
Maki Mala
Malaika Maleicha
Malen Mali
Malicka Malie
Maliena Malika
Malin Malissa
Malli Mallorca
Mally Malou
Malta Malte
Malu Malve
Malwe Malwine
Maly Mamba
Mana Manda
Mande Mandi
Mandie Mandy
Manga Mangona
Manja Manjana
Manju Manna
Manon Manou
Manta Manto
Manu Manuela
Maomi Mara
Marala Maranatha
Marbon Marcella
Marcia Marcie
Marei Mareike
Maren Maresa
Marfa Marga
Margit Mari
Maria Marica
Marie Mariel
Mariella Mariena
Marika Marilou
Marina Marinka
Maris Marisa
Marischka Mariss
Marit Marita
Maritt Marjon
Markallens Marla
Marli Marlie
Marly Marnie
Marousha Marra
Marrit Marry
Marsa Marta
Martha Martina
Maruscha Maruschka
Mary Marylin
Maryse Mascha
Masha Massa
Mata Matess
Matja Matka
Matra Mattea
Matumba Maud
Mauri Maus
Mausi Maut
Mauth Maxi
Maxie Maxime
Maya Mayana
Maybe Mayka
Mayke Maylin
Mecki Meckie
Meda Medea
Medi Medina
Medy Mega
Megane Megen
Meggi Meggie
Meggy Megi
Megy Meika
Meike Meineches
Meira Meischa
Meise Meisje
Mela Melange
Melani Melanie
Melany Melba
Melia Melin
Melina Melinda
Melissa Melita
Melitta Mella
Melli Mellie
Melly Melodie
Melody Memphisa
Mendi Mendie
Mendy Menta
Menti Menza
Mera Meray
Mercedes Merci
Mercie Meri
Merit Merla
Merle Merlene
Merlinda Merlyna
Merret Merri
Merrit Merry
Mery Mesie
Meslie Meta
Metis Metisse
Mezy Mia
Miaudrey Micha
Michell Michelle
Michi Mickey
Micki Mickie
Micky Midge
Mieke Miera
Miga Mika
Mike Mikie
Mila Milada
Milanka Milau
Milba Milda
Milde Milena
Milfa Mili
Milka Milky-Way
Milla Millala
Milli Milly
Milva Milwa
Mimi Mimmi
Mina Mindy
Minelli Minet
Minett Mingona
Mini Minka
Minke Minki
Minna Minni
Minnie Minny
Minon Minou
Minu Minze
Mira Mirage
Miram Mirana
Miranda Miranti
Mirella Miri
Mirja Mirka
Mirscha Mirza
Mis Mischa
Mischaland'S Mischalands
Mischka Misha
Miska Mispel
Miss Missi
Missis Mistel
Mistice Misty
Mita Mitsie
Mitze Mitzi
Miz Mizi
Mizzi Mizzie
Moa Moca
Mocca Moda
Moekka Moglie
Mohrle Moira
Mola Moli
Molie Molina
Molke Molli
Mollie Molly
Molly(2) Molna
Momo Mona
Monalisa Monara
Monchi Mondi
Mondie Mondy
Mone Monett
Moni Monia
Monic Monica
Monie Monik
Monika Monique
Monita Monja
Monka Monki
Monnie Montana
Monte Monty
Mony Moonwinds
Mora Morena
Mores Morgana
Morgendammerung Mori
Mori-Coco Morie
Morle Morli
Morning Mosca
Moscana Moska
Mossa Motte
Moulva Mouschka
Mucki Muckie
Muffi Muggi
Muki Muna
Munda Muni
Munja Munka
Mura Murle
Murmel Muscha
Muschka Muski
Myhre Myke
Mylene Mynee
Myra Myriel
Myrka Mytra
Mädi Mädl
Mädy Mändi
Mändie Mändy
Märi Märie
Märri Märry
Märy Märze
Mücke Müre

The boys The girls
Nabonas Nabor
Nabuconodosor Nack
Nadim Nadir
Nado Nafo
Naic Naico
Naik Naiko
Naim Najak
Najo Nako
Naldo Nall
Nallo Nambo
Namo Namur
Nandi Nandillo
Nando Nandor
Nandork Nandu
Nandus Nanko
Nanne Nanner'S
Nanno Nannuc
Nano Nanock
Nanouc Nantes
Nanthan Nanto
Nantus Nanu
Nanuc Nanuk
Nanux Nanzo
Naos Nap
Napoleon Napp
Nappo Nardo
Naris Naro
Naron Narrid
Narro Narron
Narros Naruk
Narvik Nasch
Nash Nasko
Nassan Nasso
Nastor Nasty
Natalio Natan
Nathan Nathano
Nato Nator
Nats Natso
Natt Natu
Natz Nauti
Nauto Navajo
Navarone Nawajo
Nax Naxos
Nay Nazor
Neander Nebu
Nec Neck
Neckar Necko
Necktar Necky
Ned Negan
Nego Negro
Negus Neic
Neico Neik
Neiko Neils
Nejo Nekar
Nelfy Nell
Nello Nelo
Nels Nelson
Neman Nemo
Nemon Nemor
Nemu Nenno
Neno Neo
Nepal Nepomuk
Neptun Nero
Neros Nerro
Nerz Nesch
Nesko Nessel
Nestor Nestro
Netan Netto
Neumann'S Nevado
Never Nevio
Newton Nex
Nexus Neyko
Nic Nicco
Niccolo Nice
Nick Nick'S
Nickel Nicklas
Nicklass Nickles
Nicko Nickolaus
Nickor Nickos
Nicky Niclas
Nico Nicolai
Nicolo Nicor
Nicos Nicot
Nidur Nidux
Niek Nieko
Niello Niels
Niemo Nierns
Nies Niggel
Night Nigo
Nigor Nijinsky
Nijke Nik
Nike Nikerio
Niki Nikita
Nikky Niklas
Niko Nikolaio
Nikolaus Nikolo
Nikon Nikor
Nikos Nikosch
Niky Nil
Nilo Nilos
Nils Nilson
Nimb Nimbo
Nimbus Nimo
Nimrod Ningo
Ninja Ninjas
Ninjo Nino
Nirk Nirko
Niro Nissan
Nistor Nito
Nitro Nitus
Nivan Nivard
Nivo Niwo
Nix Nixon
Nizar Nizzo
Njord Noah
Nobbe Nobbi
Nobby Nobel
Nobino Nobody
Noby Nock
Nockel Nocky
Nodin Noel
Nogam Nogger
Noko Nolan
Noll Nolte
Nomen Nomo
Nonny Noras
Norax Norbert
Norbi Norbo
Norby Nord
Nordo Nores
Norfu Norge
Norik Noris
Nork Norman
Normann Normen
Noro Norr
Norris Norro
Nortan North
Norvo Norwien
Norwin Nory
Notylus Nouc
Nougaro Nougat
Novas Novis
Novo Nox
Nubo Nuck
Nuco Nufo
Nugget Nukon
Null Numbo
Nuofo Nuran
Nurbo Nurmi
Nurmie Nurmy
Nuro Nury
Nuts Nutz
Nabonas Nacki
Nada Naddi
Nade Nadi
Nadia Nadie
Nadien Nadin
Nadina Nadine
Nadinka Nadir
Nadira Nadja
Nadl Nady
Nadya Nahomie
Naica Naickie
Naika Naike
Naiki Naikie
Naila Naima
Nairobi Naithy
Naja Naka
Nakia Nala
Nalina Nalis
Nalli Nallina
Namba Nami
Namibia Namie
Nana Nanci
Nancy Nancyna
Nanda Nandel
Nandi Nandl
Nandy Nane
Nanett Nanette
Nanga Nani
Nanien Nanina
Nanini Nanja
Nanna Nanndl
Nanne Nannette
Nanni Nannie
Nannina Nanny
Nanou Nanthild
Nantje Nanuc
Nany Naomi
Nara Narde
Narita Narja
Narva Narziss
Narzissa Narzisse
Nasa Nasca
Nascha Naschja
Naschka Naska
Naskija Nasra
Nassa Nassi
Nassie Nasta
Nastasia Nasti
Nasty Nata
Natacha Natali
Natalie Natascha
Natasha Natcha
Natchez Nathali
Nathalie Nathasja
Nati Natija
Natja Natter
Natti Natty
Naty Natze
Nauke Naura
Navina Nawa
Nea Neah
Nebraska Neda
Nedda Nedi
Nedy Neela
Neele Neera
Nefa Negra
Neida Neike
Neila Neirobi
Nela Nelcy
Nelda Nele
Nelfi Nelfy
Neli Nelke
Nell Nella
Nelle Nelli
Nellie Nellina
Nelly Nena
Nenci Nency
Nendi Nendy
Nene Nenja
Nenna Nenni
Nensa Nensi
Nensy Nenza
Nenze Nenzi
Nenzy Nera
Nerla Nermin
Nerra Nerry
Nerwa Nerza
Nessa Nessel
Nessi Nessie
Nessina Nessy
Nesta Neta
Netara Netta
Nette Netti
Nettie Netty
Neumann'S Neumann¿S
Nevada Nevena
Nevina Newa
Neyla Nezie
Nica Niccy
Nice Nici
Nicka Nicki
Nickie Nickili
Nickita Nicky
Nicla Nicol
Nicola Nicole
Nicoll Nidda
Niecki Niena
Nienchen Nigel
Night Nigra
Nika Nike
Niketita Niki
Nikie Nikita
Nikki Nikkoline
Nila Nilla
Nima Nimi
Nimmi Nimra
Nina Ninana
Ninda Nindra
Ninette Nini
Ninia Ninie
Ninija Ninja
Ninjia Ninka
Ninna Ninni
Nintja Ninya
Nioa Niobe
Niodie Niola
Nira Niraja
Nirka Nirvana
Nirwana Nisa
Niska Nissa
Nissi Nita
Nitta Nitza
Nitzi Niva
Nivella Niwa
Nixa Nixe
Nixena Nixi
Nixie Nixse
Nizza Njenta
Nobbi Noble
Nodessa Noella
Noelle Noemie
Noeska Noia
Noisy Noka
Nokia Nola
Nolda Nolde
Nolina Nolli
Noma Nomi
Nonja Nonna
Noorina Nora
Norana Norba
Norbe Norda
Nore Noreen
Norega Nori
Noria Norica
Norie Norina
Noris Norisa
Norka Norle
Norma Normana
Norme Normen
Norne Norpe
Norra Norsi
Norsia Nosch
Noscha Noska
Nossa Nossie
Nosy Notti
Nougat Noumea
Nova Novara
Nowa Nowena
Noxie Nscho-Tschi
Nucki Nudel
Nuggette Nuggi
Numa Nuna
Nunita Nura
Nuri Nurmel
Nurmie Nursa
Nuscha Nuschi
Nuschka Nute
Nuzi Nyla
Nympha Nymphe
Nyra Nyx
Näncy Nänzi

The boys The girls
Oasis Obax
Obbo Obby
Obelix Oben
Ober Oberon
Oberst Obex
Obin Obix
Oblabla Oblix
Obrion Ocar
Ochsner Ocker
Octavian Octavio
Octay Odan
Odax Oddo
Oddy Odemis
Oden Odenor
Odetto Odien
Odilo Odin
Odino Odiny
Odir Odo
Odur Odus
Odwin Ody
Odyn Odysseus
Oemmes Offo
Ogaty Ogro
Ogy Oha
Ohara Oharo
Ohio Ohle
Okal Okar
Okay Oker
Okito Okitto
Okko Okly
Okno Oko
Okotscha Oktaf
Oktober Okudera
Oky Olaf
Olan Olar
Olarus Olav
Olax Olbas
Olcas Old-Joe
Oldan Olden
Oldo Oldoro
Oldy Ole
Olee Olef
Oleg Olegor
Olegro Olek
Olem Olenz
Olesko Olex
Olexo Olf
Olfo Olim
Olin Olio
Oliv Olivary
Oliver Olivery
Olivet Olivetty
Olix Olk
Olkan Olkas
Olko Olli
Ollie Olliver
Ollo Olly
Olm Olof
Olsen Olto
Olux Oly
Olymp Olymph
Olympius Omar
Ombre Omega
Omen Omer
Omir Ommes
Omo Onas
Onassis Onax
Oncko Ondo
Ondor Onek
Onex Ongri
Oniel Onix
Onjas Onko
Only Onnix
Onno Ono
Onro Ontario
Ontary Onyx
Onyxo Onzo
Opal Opaso
Ophelex Ops
Opus Orak
Oran Orando
Oranienburgs Orano
Oras Oraso
Orasy Orban
Orbi Orbino
Orbit Orbo
Orby Orc
Orca Orcan
Orchideo Orco
Orden Ordino
Ordo Ordus
Oreck Orell
Orendo Orest
Orestes Oresto
Orestos Orex
Orfano Orfeus
Orff Orfu
Orfur Organ
Orgo Orgon
Orgos Oriano
Orient Orio
Orion Oris
Orix Ork
Orka Orkan
Orkanus Orkas
Orko Orkus
Orlando Orlandos
Orli Orlik
Orlo Orlof
Orloff Orlon
Orly Orno
Ornos Oro
Orofino Oron
Orpal Orpheus
Orres Orrex
Orro Orry
Orsen Orsino
Orso Orson
Ortan Orthello
Ortis Ortwin
Ortz Orvid
Orville Orwell
Orwin Ory
Orysus Orzon
Osak Osario
Osary Osborn
Osborne Oscar
Osco Oska
Oskar Osko
Oslo Osman
Osmar Osram
Ossad Ossi
Osso Ossy
Oswald Oswin
Otar Otello
Otero Otfried
Othello Othellor
Othelo Otis
Otkav Otlan
Otmar Ottar
Otten Otter
Otto Ottry
Ouran Ouzo
Ovambo Over
Ovid Owen
Ower Oxal
Oxan Oxer
Oxford Ozon
Oahu Oase
Obada Obba
Obeline Oben
Obi Obra
Obretta Oby
Oca Ocana
Occhi Oceana
Ocena Ochilla
Ocki Oclaire
Octa Octavia
Oda Odana
Odasi Odaxa
Odda Oddi
Ode Odessa
Odet Odett
Odetta Odette
Odi Odie
Odila Odile
Odilia Odilie
Odina Odine
Odini Oduscha
Oega Oeli
Oeschi Oestra
Ofelia Offi
Offie Ofra
Ogie Ogotha
Ogra Ohara
Ohla Ohra
Ohry Oja
Oka Okarina
Okay Okaye
Oki Okie
Okina Okira
Okka Okki
Okra Okta
Oktave Oktavia
Ola Olahnicki
Olala Olana
Olanda Olbia
Olda Oldi
Olea Oleanda
Oleanna Olena
Olenda Oletta
Olexa Olexi
Olfa Olfi
Olga Olgana
Olgina Oli
Olia Olianda
Olice Olida
Olie Olima
Olina Olinda
Olinde Oline
Olinka Olira
Olita Oliva
Olive Olivette
Olivetti Olivia
Oliviea Olka
Olla Olle
Olli Ollie
Olline Olly
Olma Olme
Olymbia Olympia
Oma Omara
Ombra Omega
Omella Omi
Omina Omira
Omme Ommi
Ommie Ona
Onara Onari
Onda Onde
Ondee Ondi
Ondie Ondra
Ondralia Ondrana
Ondry Ondura
Ondy One
Onellie Onessa
Onett Oni
Onie Oniese
Onika Onita
Onja Onka
Onke Onli
Onlie Only
Onna Onni
Onnie Onny
Onora Onra
Ontari Onthrae
Ony Onya
Onza Oona
Opaia Opal
Opala Opale
Opalia Opera
Ophelia Ophra
Opsie Opsy
Opta Optima
Ora Orana
Oranda Orania
Oranienburg'S Orbeny
Orbi Orbie
Orby Orca
Orchide Orchidee
Orega Orella
Oresta Oreste
Orfa Orfana
Orfi Orga
Ori Oria
Oriana Oriane
Orie Orina
Orisa Orischa
Oriska Orissa
Oritta Orka
Orkana Orke
Orla Orlana
Orlanda Orle
Orli Orlie
Orlin Orlina
Orly Orma
Orna Ornela
Ornella Ornika
Orossi Orpie
Orri Orrie
Orsa Orsana
Orscha Orsi
Orsia Orsina
Orta Orte
Ortega Ortense
Ortessa Orti
Ortilla Ortlinde
Ortrud Osa
Osaka Osca
Oscha Osche
Oschi Oschie
Oschy Ose
Osea Oshin
Osi Osie
Osina Osiri
Osiris Osivis
Osra Ossa
Ossara Ossi
Ossia Ossie
Ossija Ossima
Ossy Osta
Ostara Ostia
Ostilde Ostra
Osuka Oswine
Ota Otberda
Otega Otess
Oteß Othilde
Otilie Otta
Ottawa Otte
Ottessa Otti
Ottie Ottila
Ottili Ottilia
Ottilie Ottina
Ottine Otty
Otwina Oudia
Ouki Oulva
Oura Ouzie
Ovine Ovita
Oxa Oxala
Oxana Oxi
Oxie Ozeta

The boys The girls
Paale Pablo
Pac Pacco
Paccor Paccos
Pacha Pacino
Pack Packan
Packo Paco
Paco-Paul Paddy
Pado Padre
Padua Pag
Paggo Pago
Paiko Paka
Pako Pakus
Pal Palermo
Palle Pallinor
Pallo Palmas
Palomo Palozzo
Pals Pamigo
Pamir Pan
Pancho Panda
Pandaimonium Pandar
Pando Pandor
Pandro Pandu
Pandur Pang
Pango Panis
Panjo Pank
Panko Pankratz
Panno Pano
Panscho Panter
Panteros Panther
Panto Paolo
Parax Parcifal
Parco Pard
Pardo Paride
Paris Parko
Parlo Paro
Parol Paron
Paroo Paros
Parras Parre
Parro Parso
Partisan Partner
Partus Pas
Pasa Pascal
Pascha Paschano
Pasco Paskal
Pasko Paso
Pass Passat
Passcal Passo
Paster Pastor
Pat Patre
Patric Patrick
Patro Patrol
Patron Patsche
Patschinko Patt
Patty Patz
Patzo Pauker
Paul Paulchen
Paule Pauli
Paulo Pavo
Pawlow Pax
Pay Paß
Peacmaker Pearson
Pecco Pech
Peck Pecko
Peco Pedro
Peele Peer
Pegasus Peic
Peiko Pekko
Peko Pele
Pelee Pell
Pelle Pellee
Pelo Pelz
Pen Pendel
Pendragon Pepe
Peper Peppe
Peppy Percy
Perez Permos
Pero Peron
Perr Perro
Perry Persus
Persy Peru
Pery Pesco
Pesso Pete
Peter Petrie
Petro Petz
Pex Pezro
Pezzo Pfeffer
Pfeil Phandro
Phantom Pharao
Pharo Phil
Philip Philipp
Phill Phillip
Phillipp Philo
Philou Phinn
Phylax Phönix
Piallo Piano
Picasso Picco
Piccolo Piccoro
Picko Pico
Picolino Picolo
Pieper Pier
Piero Pierre
Piet Pieter
Pietro Pike
Pikko Piko
Pilar Pilko
Pillo Pilmo
Pilo Pilot
Pils Pim
Pimo Pinky
Pino Pinow
Pinto Pionier
Pipin Pippo
Pirat Pirko
Piro Pirol
Pirolus Piron
Pirtan Piräeus
Pischo Pit
Pitko Pito
Pitt Pittas
Pitto Pittos
Pitzo Pius
Placky Plato
Platon Platoon
Playboy Pluto
Pogo Poko
Polano Poldi
Poldo Poldy
Polkan Polko
Poll Pollo
Pollox Pollux
Polo Polux
Poncho Pondo
Pong Pongo
Ponto Popey
Popeye Porak
Pork Porkan
Porky Poro
Porro Porsche
Portos Porzel
Positiv Posta
Posu Power-Man
Prall Prango
Pranko Prant
Pranto Predo
Prell Prello
Prem Presley
Presto Preston
Primo Primus
Prince Principe
Printo Printus
Prinz Pristo
Private Prix
Profi Pronco
Prongo Pronko
Pronto Prosper
Prunk Prunko
Ptolemäus Puch
Puck Pucko
Pucky Pug
Pugan Puick
Puik Puk
Puko Pulo
Puma Pumo
Pumuckel Pumukl
Punk Punto
Purzel Puschel
Puschkas Puschkin
Pushkaß Puts
Putt Putz
Pux Pyrro
Pyson Pyt
Pütz Püz
Pabsi Paddie
Paddy Padi
Paem Paet
Paetsi Page
Paggi Pagina
Paia Paida
Paika Paitscha
Paka Pakie
Paldie Pale
Pali Palie
Palina Palis
Palla Pallas
Palli Pallie
Pally Palma
Palme Palmira
Paloma Paluca
Paly Pam
Pama Pamel
Pamela Pami
Pamina Pammy
Pampa Pamy
Pana Panama
Panda Pandi
Pandora Pandra
Pandura Pane
Panga Pani
Pania Panja
Panka Panni
Pannie Panny
Pannya Panta
Pantah Paola
Papsi Para
Pari Parma
Partout Pascal
Pascala Pasie
Passy Pasta
Pastorale Pat
Patch Pati
Patina Patja
Patra Patricia
Patrizia Patschinka
Patsy Patt
Patti Pattsy
Patty Paty
Patzi Paula
Pauline Paxi
Paxie Paxy
Paxyi Payka
Pea Pearl
Pebbles Pecki
Pecky Peddi
Peddie Peddy
Pedra Peg
Pegana Pegg
Peggi Peggi-Su
Peggie Peggy
Peggyna Pegy
Peina Pekkina
Pela Pele
Pelesse Pelle
Pelli Pely
Pem Pemm
Pena Penelope
Penga Penja
Penni Pennie
Penny Pennys
Pensa Peny
Penza Pepita
Pepper Peppie
Pepples Pepsi
Pepsie Pepsy
Pera Percy
Perdita Peregrin
Peretta Perla
Perle Perra
Perri Perrie
Persa Persi
Perzy Pescha
Pessi Pessy
Pet Peta
Petit Petra
Petrana Petschova
Petsy Petta
Petti Pettie
Petty Petula
Petzi Petzie
Petzy Pexa
Pexy Pezi
Pezzi Pezzy
Pfanni Phalina
Phanta Phantasie
Phara Pharahk
Phelis Phenja
Phila Philis
Phillis Phyllis
Pia Piala
Piasa Piata
Pica Piccola
Picha Picka
Pickie Pieggy
Piery Piescha
Pigalle Piggi
Piggy Pigi
Pika Pikka
Pikkola Pila
Pilar Pilari
Pilka Pilla
Pille Pilli
Pilly Pimpa
Pimpernella Pina
Pinda Pine
Pinga Pinie
Pinja Pinka
Pinki Pinky
Pinna Pinne
Pinny Pinta
Pinta-Lea Pinte
Pinthe Pinti
Piny Piola
Piosola Pippa
Pippi Pira
Pirana Pirette
Piri Pirina
Pirka Piroschka
Piry Pisa
Pischa Pischka
Pita Pitra
Pitta Pitti
Pittie Pitty
Pitza Piva
Pixi Placida
Planka Planteskolen'S
Platina Playa
Plecki Plenka
Pleun Pleuni
Pleya Plissa
Pocahontas Poda
Poesie Pola
Polda Poldi
Poldila Poldy
Polette Poli
Polia Police
Polka Polla
Polli Pollie
Polliexa Polline
Polly Pollyne
Poly Polyna
Pomba Pona
Ponda Pone
Ponni Pora
Porcia Porgi
Porgie Poska
Posra Posse
Possie Posta
Postie Poupette
Poupoue Poxi
Prada Pranda
Pranka Preitty
Prelude Premiere
Prenda Pretty
Pretty-Penelope Pria
Prima Primavera
Primel Princes
Princess Prinzes
Prinzess Prinzessin
Prisca Priscilla
Priska Prisma
Prissy Prita
Pritani Pritta
Pritte Pritty
Prixi Prixy
Prokura Prolli
Prosa Pryscilla
Pryska Psike
Pucia Pucki
Pucky Pudi
Pulka Puma
Pummel Puna
Pundra Punika
Puppa Puppe
Puppy Pura
Purga Purzel
Puscha Puschi
Puschka Puska
Pussel Pussi
Pussy Pusta
Puste Pustei
Puszta Pute
Putti Putzi
Putzie Puxi
Puzta Pußta
Pyra Päsika
Pätsie Püppa
Püppy Pützi



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