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Here is DOGICA - intelligent, cute, talented and loyal pooch! (o:
She can walk, play, sit, lie down and roll over. Try to pet her and watch
how she responds. Entertain her by playing ball or giving her a bone.
Reward a canine with a treat! To get her to sit, double-click your mouse
on the ground close to her. Double-click again to get her to lie down,
then hold mouse button down,make a circular motion to roll the dog over

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The boys The girls
E.T. Eagle
Earl Early
Easo East
Easy Eaufelio
Eaugoreck Ebbo
Ebel Ebeno
Eberhard Ebo
Ebro Ebs
Eccert Ecco
Eceo Echo
Eck Eckey
Ecko Eckstern
Ecky Ecstasy
Ecu Edd
Eddi Eddo
Eddy Ede
Edel Edem
Eden Edeus
Edgar Edgard
Edi Edilo
Edino Edison
Edjim Edler
Edmund Edo
Edor Edox
Edu Edur
Edwin Edy
Efendi Effe
Effendi Egebakken
Eggo Eggy
Egidio Egilo
Egir Egk
Ego Egon
Egor Egy
Ehmo Eibo
Eick Eickel
Eicko Eico
Eid Eiger
Eik Eikel
Eiko Eikol
Eikon Eikor
Eikos Eilo
Eimo Einstein
Eitel Eito
Eivo Eiwo
Ekko Eko
Ek? El-Cid
El-Goch El-Lute
El-Quando El-Rico
Elan Elbano
Elber Elbo
Elch Elchino
Elco Eldanken
Eldo Eldo-Lenz
Eldorado Eleazar
Elek Eleve
Elf Elgo
Elias Eliaso
Eliot Eliott
Eljano Eljoscha
Elk Elkan
Elkas Elko
Elkos Ell
Ella Ellex
Elliot Ellm
Ellmer Ello
Elmar Elmino
Elmir Elmo
Elmor Elonso
Elpaso Elrado
Elroy Elsass
Elson Elthiko
Elton Elvin
Elvis Elvys
Elwo Elz
Elzid Emanuel
Emil Emilio
Emir Emko
Emmerson Emmo
Emo Emos
Emus Encas
Enchy Enco
Endi Endo
Endor Endrefalva
Endro Endy
Enjo Enk
Enkas Enko
Ennio Ennjo
Enno Ennor
Ennos Ennox
Enox Enrico
Enricoro Enriko
Enro Enso
Ensor Entro
Enz Enzian
Enzio Enzo
Enzor Enzos
Eoho Eos
Ephraim Epos
Eppo Epson
Equis Eras
Erasmus Erato
Erax Erazzo
Erbo Erck
Erco Erek
Ergo Erhard
Eric Erich
Erik Erin
Erk Erkan
Erkau Erko
Erkon Erl
Erland Erlk
Erlk?nig Erlo
Ernest Ernie
Erno Ernsti
Erny Ern?
Ero Erohn
Eroi Erol
Eroll Eron
Eros Eros-Likos
Eroson Erras
Erris Erro
Errol Erron
Erry Ertl
Erus Erwin
Ery Eryx
Erz Escalibur
Eschnapur Escho
Esck Esco
Escor Escort
Escot Escudo
Esito Eskan
Eskimo Esko
Eskoll Eskor
Eskoro Esku
Esky Eslan
Esmond Esprit
Esso Esto
Estor Estro
Etacko Etan
Etano Ethan
Etienne Eto
Etos Etting
Etty Etu
Etzel Eudo
Euko Eumedes
Eumel Euro
Euros Eurostar
Evan Even
Evir Evlan
Ewald Ewig
Ewo Ewok
Excail Excalibur
Excel Exel
Exitus Exl
Exo Exon
Exor Exxo
Exxon Eyck
Eyckor Eyfo
Eyk Eyko
Eymo Ezaco
Ezekiel Ezel
Ezo Ezra
Ezzel Ezzo
Eady Easy
Eautie Ebba
Ebbe Ebbi
Ebbie Ebby
Ebene Ebonna
Ebony Ebra
Ecclesia Echakka
Echse Ecki
Eckta Eda
Edalene Edda
Eddala Eddi
Eddie Eddil
Edel Edela
Eden Edera
Edgie Edi
Edina Edis
Edita Edith
Editha Edla
Edle Edna
Edunja Edwina
Eefje Efeua
Efeusia Effa
Effi Effie
Effy Efi
Efie Efle
Efra Eftas
Egatta Egga
Egge Eggi
Eggie Egina
Egisa Egola
Eguna Egy
Ehra Eibe
Eibi Eica
Eice Eicha
Eiche Eicka
Eicke Eickena
Eidi Eifel
Eige Eika
Eike Eila
Eilah Eileen
Eilen Eili
Eilin Eilyn
Eilyne Einika
Eira Eireen
Eirene Eirien
Eirin Eisa
Eischa Eische
Eisha Eisi
Eiva Eiwa
Eka Eke
Ela Elaine
Elana Elani
Elanka Elba
Elbambi Elbe
Elda Electra
Eleen Elegance
Eleisa Elektra
Elen Elena
Eleonora Elesta
Elettra Eley
Eleysa Elfa
Elfe Elfi
Elfi-Bendise Elfie
Elfriede Elftrud
Elfy Elga
Elge Elgin
Elginger Eli
Elia Elida
Elies Eliette
Elin Elina
Elinor Elis
Elisa Elischa
Elise Elisha
Eliska Elite
Elivien Eliza
Elka Elke
Elkena Ella
Ellana Elle
Ellen Ellena
Elli Elli-Lue
Ellia Ellie
Ellis Elloise
Elly Ellys
Elma Elme
Elmi Elodie
Eloisa Eloise
Elora Elphie
Elsa Else
Elsi Elsie
Elska Elster
Elvi Elvie
Elviera Elvira
Elvis Elwira
Elypse Elyscha
Elza Elzi
Emanze Emba
Embada Emelie
Emelli Emely
Emi Emie
Emilie Emily
Emma Emma-Peel
Emmelie Emmely
Emmi Emmy
Emse Emy
Ena Enchi
Enchie Enchina
Encina Enda
Endeva Endi
Endie Endra
Endrefalva Endy
Enea Enga
Engel Engele
Engie Engy
Enie Enite
Enja Enji
Enjoy Enjy
Enka Enke
Enna Ennara
Enne Enni
Ennie Enny
Enscha Enschi
Enschie Enschy
Enta Enusch
Eny Enya
Enza Enzi
Enzia Enzie
Enzy Eosa
Ephalie Epi
Epriel Era
Erana Ercka
Erda Erese
Erga Eri
Erie Erika
Erin Erina
Eris Erja
Erka Erla
Erle Erlie
Erma Erna
Erni Ernie
Erra Ersa
Erta Ertel
Erusca Ery
Esa Esbe
Esca Escala
Escarda Escha
Esche Eschi
Eschly Esda
Esha Eshly
Eshna Eshra
Esika Eska
Eske Esme
Esmee Esmeralda
Esmir Esna
Espe Espigaou
Espin Esprit
Esra Essda
Esse Essel
Essra Essy
Esta Estar
Este Estel
Estella Estelle
Ester Estha
Esthe Esther
Esthera Estie
Estra Estrella
Esty Eta
Eta-Racine Etha
Eti Etienne
Etina Etinee
Etna Etnari
Etoile Etta
Ette Ettna
Etty Etyuma
Euatie Eugenie
Eulalia Eule
Eumeli Eura
Eurasie Eurel
Eurka Europa
Europe Eurydike
Eva Evalotte
Eve Evera
Everin Evi
Evina Evita
Evitha Evitta
Evy Exa
Exe Exena
Exi Exia
Exie Exina
Extra Exy
Eyca Eycha
Eycke Eydie
Eyka Eyke
Eyla Eyleen
Eylet Eylin
Eyline Eyna
Eyra Eyrin
Eysa Eyscha
Eysha Eywa
Ezee Ezel


The boys The girls
Fabel Fabian
Fabianus Fabio
Fabius Fabo
Face Facer
Fado Faery
Fafner Fago
Fagus Fahro
Fairmont Faisal
Fait Fajo
Fakir Fako
Falco Falcon
Falcone Falcoron
Falcos Faldo
Falett Falg
Falk Falkao
Falke Falko
Falkor Fallo
Fallun Falstaff
Falter Falu
Fam Fama
Fambo Famo
Famulus Fanco
Fandango Fando
Fandor Fang
Fango Fanjo
Fanko Fann
Fannex Fannto
Fano Fanor
Fant Fantastic
Fanto Fantom
Fantomor Fantor
Fantos Fantus
Fanyo Fargo
Farian Farim
Farkas Farlo
Farlow Faro
Farock Farok
Farold Faron
Farro Farry
Faruk Farukos
Farus Fasko
Fasto Fasu
Fatini¿S Faun
Faunus Faust
Fauster Fausto
Faustus Fax
Faxe Faxy
Fazzo Febo
Feddo Federico
Fedja Fedjim
Fedo Fedor
Fedoro Fedro
Feetz Feger
Fego Feidler
Feier Feig
Feiko Feisal
Feit Feith
Feivel Felex
Felix Felixan
Felle Fellini
Fello Fellow
Felo Fels
Fem Fendo
Fendy Fenno
Fennor Fento
Feran Ferano
Ferdel Ferdi
Ferdinando Ferdl
Ferdo Ferdy
Ference Feres
Ferl Fernando
Fernett Fero
Ferol Feron
Ferox Ferrari
Ferrero Ferres
Ferrick Ferris
Ferro Ferrol
Ferron Ferros
Ferrow Ferry
Fery Fesko
Festus Feto
Fetz Feuer
Feuerblick Feus
Feuß Fiasco
Fiasko Fidelio
Fideo Fides
Fido Fidor
Fiello Fierro
Fiete Fietje
Figaro Fight
Fighter Figo
Figor Filip
Filippo Filius
Fill Fillo
Filo Filos
Filou Filu
Fimo Fin
Fina(2) Findus
Finlay Finn
Fino Finsterling
Finto Fiolo
Fips Fire
Firo Fisdik
Fisko Fisto
Fite Fito
Fitt Fitus
Fix Fixy
Fiz Fjurry
Flack Flaks
Flambo Flapp
Flaps Flasch
Flash Flato
Flavio Flavko
Flax Flaxs
Flay Fleetwood
Flegel Fletcher
Flex Flic
Flicco Flick
Flieder Flik
Flind Flink
Flinn Flint
Flip Flipp
Flipper Flix
Flo Flock
Flocky Floh
Flopp Flora
Flori Florian
Floris Floro
Flory Flott
Floyd Flunk
Fly Flyer
Flynn Flöck
Focus Foggia
Fokker Fokko
Foko Folemarkens
Folk Folker
Folko Follow
Foral Ford
Foreman Formann
Forrest Forzas
Fosby Fossy
Fox Foxy
Frack Fran
Francesco Francis
Franciso Franco
Franek Frank
Frankenstein Franklin
Franko Franky
Franz Fratz
Frauke Frech
Fred Fredderick
Freddy Frederik
Fredi Fredo
Fredolin Fredor
Fredy Frei
Freiherr Freitag
Frenchi Frenk
Fresko Freund
Frey Freyer
Frick Fricko
Frido Friedel
Friedl Friedo
Friedrich Friesco
Frieso Friggo
Frisco Frisko
Friso Fritz
Fritzi Fritzy
Frixos Frodo
Frodus Fronto
Fränky Fulko
Fulmo Fungo
Funk Furio
Fury Fuschel
Fusel Fussel
Fussy Futzy
Fuzy Fuzzy
Fyn Fynn
Fabella Fabi
Fabia Fabienne
Fabiola Fabri
Fabulous Face
Fadia Fadsi
Faehe Faena
Faenza Faeth
Fagmar Fah
Fahra Fahrah
Fahrana Fai
Faibel Faible
Faike Fair
Fairi Fairly
Fairness Fairy
Faja Fajana
Fala Falaise
Falda Fali
Falja Falk
Falka Falke
Falla Falta
Fam Fama
Fame Fami
Famke Famme
Fana Fancy
Fanda Fande
Fanfaree Fanga
Fanja Fannette
Fanni Fannie
Fannj Fanny
Fannyla Fanta
Fantasia Fantasie
Fantasy Fante
Fanti Fantta
Fany Fanya
Fara Farah
Farahna Farga
Farha Fari
Farida Farina
Farka Farki
Farma Farna
Farnie Farra
Farrie Faska
Fasta Fata
Fatima Fatini¿S
Fatma Fatme
Fatra Fauna
Faunix Fausta
Favoritin Fax
Faxi Fay
Faye Fea
Febri Fechta
Feda Feder
Fedine Fedora
Fedra Fee
Feega Feeh
Feeling Feenja
Feerana Fefie
Fega Feh
Fei Feike
Fela Felecitas
Felga Felge
Feli Felia
Felice Felicia
Felicitas Felin
Felina Feline
Felixita Fella
Fellen Felli
Felsin Femi
Femke Femmie
Femmy Fena
Fencha Fenda
Fendi Fendie
Fendra Fene
Fenella Fenga
Fenia Fenice
Fenja Fenjara
Fenka Fenni
Fennj Fenny
Fenschi Fenta
Fenya Fenzy
Feodora Feonix
Fera Ferana
Ferda Ferenca
Fergi Fergie
Fergy Feri
Ferina Ferra
Ferrara Ferri
Ferrida Ferrie
Ferrita Ferryna
Feska Fessa
Fessy Fest
Festa Feste
Fetja Feuer
Feuerblick Fewa
Fezi Fhara
Fia Fiaska
Fichte Fida
Fidele Fides
Fidgy Fidji
Fiena Fienchen
Fiene Fiesta
Fiete Fiffi
Fiffie Fifie
Fila Filda
Fili Filia
Filija Filis
Filja Filla
Filli Fillis
Filly Fils
Filuna Fima
Fimousse Fina
Fina(1) Finala
Finca Finchen
Findie Fine
Finess Finesse
Finett Fini
Finie Finja
Finka Finke
Finna Finne
Finni Finnien
Finny Finoa
Finta Finte
Finy Fiola
Fiona Fionni
Fiorella Fippsie
Fipsi Fipsie
Fira Fiska
Fista Fita
Fithe Fixe
Fixi Fixsjöns
Fjola Fjorda
Flacka Flair
Flame Flamenga
Flaminga Flamme
Flana Flanke
Flanni Flara
Flavia Flavour
Flay Fler
Flera Flesh
Flesha Fleur
Flexa Flexi
Flexie Fley
Flicka Fliege
Flika Flinke
Flipsi Flo
Flocke Floer
Floh Floni
Floor Flora
Florans Floraya
Flore Florence
Florentine Florenza
Flori Floria
Floriada Floriana
Florid Florida
Florie Florin
Florina Florissa
Flossy Flotte
Flower Fluna
Flurin Fluse
Fly Focke
Folemarkens Folie
Folies Folli
Fonda Fonta
Fontana Fora
Forella Forka
Forma Fortuna
Fosca Foschka
Fossa Foxe
Foxi Foxie
Foxy Fragga
Fraja Frame
Fran Frana
Franca France
Francis Francka
Francy Franka
Franke Fransin
Franzi Franziska
Fratz Frauke
Fraya Frayana
Frea Freche
Freda Fredda
Freeni Freia
Freie Freiin
Freija Freika
Freike Freiya
Frenchi Frenchy
Frenci Frencis
Frency Freni
Frenka Frenzi
Frenzina Frenzis
Frenziska Fresi
Fresia Freude
Freya Freyana
Freyja Freyka
Freyla Fricka
Frida Fridegart
Fridel Frieda
Friede Friedel
Friedl Friga
Frigga Frigie
Frika Frikka
Frinke Frisa
Frisca Frise
Friska Friski
Fritzi Fritzie
Frizzi Frola
Frolle Froni
Fronni Frony
Frou-Frou Frutti
Frya Fryga
Fräncy Fränze
Fränzi Fränzy
Fräulein Fucsia
Fujita Funa
Funda Fundee
Funke Funkia
Funny Furia
Furie Furina
Furka Fury
Futuras Fyda
Fygi Fynanka
Fähe Fänja


The boysThe girls
Gab Gabber
Gabin Gabo
Gabon Gabor
Gabro Gaitano
Gaius Galan
Galant Galat
Galax Gallant
Gallax Gallo
Gallon Gallus
Galos Galton
Galvan Gama
Gambler Gambo
Gamby Game
Gammler Gammon
Gamon Gancho
Gandalf Gandhi
Gandhy Gandi
Gandinos Gando
Gandolf Gandor
Gandy Ganjo
Gano Gant
Ganto Gappilano
Garant Garbo
Garfield Garfild
Garlef Garmond
Garon Garos
Garrett Garry
Garus Gary
Gasco Gascon
Gasko Gaspar
Gass Gaston
Gastro Gasz
Gatan Gato
Gatsby Gaucho
Gauco Gauguin
Gauner Gaus
Gauss Gautscho
Gauß Gavin
Gawain Gawan
Gay Gaylord
Gaß Geappeloup
Gebbo Gecco
Geck Gecko
Gedeon Geff
Geg Gei
Geier Geldo
Geldus Gello
Gelmo Gelo
Gendo General
Genieus Genius
Gennt Geno
Genor Gent
Gento Genzo
Geo Georg
George Georgy
Gepp Gerald
Gerard Gerd
Geret Gerg
Geri Gering
Gerit Gerix
Germann Germo
Gerno Gernod
Gernot Gero
Gerol Gerold
Gerolf Geroll
Gerome Geron
Geronimo Geros
Gerri Gerrid
Gerrit Gerritt
Gerrix Gerro
Gerrols Gerry
Gerryno Gersy
Gert Gervais
Gerwin Gery
Gesby Geson
Gespo Getano
Gevin Gey
Ghandi Ghandy
Ghino Ghor
Ghost Giacomo
Gianco Giano
Giaut Gibbo
Gibo Gicho
Giddo Gideon
Gido Gidron
Giedo Gigant
Gigo Gigolo
Gigotte Gil
Gilbert Gildewangen'S
Gildo Gilfo
Gilko Gill
Gilles Gillo
Gilmore Gilo
Gim Gimbo
Gimmo Gimmy
Gimo Gin
Gingo Ginko
Ginn Gino
Ginto Gio
Giorgio Giovanni
Gipfel Giran
Giro Gironimo
Gisbert Gishon
Gismo Gismorr
Giso Gispert
Gispo Gitanes
Gitano Gittano
Giulio Giuso
Gizmo Gizzmo
Gißmo Gjalt
Glados Glammer
Glan Glasemosen'S
Glato Glax
Gleen Glen
Glenn Glenny
Glicko Glief
Glif Gliff
Glind Glint
Glodo Glosemosen'S
Gnom Goblin
Goch Gockel
Godewind Godis
Godo Godos
Goethe Gof
Goffy Gofy
Gogo Goja
Gojan Gojar
Golan Gold
Goldwin Golem
Golf Golfo
Goliad Goliath
Gollo Gollux
Golm Golo
Gombo Gome
Gomez Gomo
Gon Gondolf
Gondor Goner
Gonso Gonzo
Goody Goofy
Goold Goral
Goran Gorbi
Gorbo Gorby
Gorch Gordanius
Gorden Gordon
Gordono Gordy
Gorki Goro
Goron Gorro
Gorsch Gorso
Gory Goto
Gotthilf Gowen
Goyan Graeger
Graf Grafit
Graham Gram
Granat Grand
Grandeur Grando
Grandos Granit
Granno Grano
Grant Grasha
Gratz Gray
Greck Greco
Gredo Greg
Gregg Gregor
Greif Grej
Grek Gremlin
Greno Grett
Greve Grey
Griesly Griff
Grill Grillo
Grim Grimm
Grimo Gringo
Gringor Gringos
Grino Grips
Gris Grischa
Grischan Grisha
Grisly Grismo
Grisou Griss
Grisu Griz
Grizzly Grobi
Groby Grocco
Grock Grog
Grok Grol
Grolf Groll
Groovy Grosmos
Grosser Grunolf
Gryf Grzimek
Grámanns Grön
Guido Guidor
Guildo Guillit
Gullit Gulliver
Gulu Gulvec
Gumbo Gun
Gunar Gundo
Gundolf Gundor
Gunnar Gunnarsholts
Gunner Guno
Gunter Gunther
Guru Guruh
Gus Gust
Gustav Gustel
Gustl Gusto
Gusty Guy
Guzzo Gwando
Gwen Gwendo
Gymbo Gyno
Gyver Gäry
Gätano Götz
Götze Götzo
Gaba Gabi
Gabina Gabora
Gabriela Gabro
Gabsy Gaby
Gaddy Gadie
Gadischa Gahna
Gaia Gaischa
Gaja Gala
Galaxa Galaxie
Galba Galenta
Galia Galina
Galla Galli
Galwa Gamaine
Gamara Gamba
Gambi Gambia
Gamby Gamma
Gana Ganda
Gandhi Gandi
Gandie Gandy
Ganga Ganie
Ganja Ganni
Gannie Ganta
Gante Ganti
Garah Garcia
Gardi Garisa
Garita Garrite
Gascha Gasja
Gasta Gasti
Gatti Gaudi
Gaudie Gaya
Gayscha Gaza
Gazdagpataki Gazella
Gazelle Gea
Geany Geautie
Gebi Gehli
Geicha Geisa
Geisha Geisy
Geiß Geka
Gela Gelda
Gele Geli
Gelie Gelinote
Gella Gelli
Gemma Gemme
Gemse Gena
Genda Genette
Genia Genie
Genisis Genna
Genni Gennie
Genny Genoa
Genoveva Genta
Gentana Georgia
Georgina Gera
Geraja Geraldine
Gerbe Gerda
Gerdi Gerdy
Gerie Gerina
Gerli Gerlinde
Gerlis Gerra
Gerrie Gerrit
Gerry Gersie
Gerta Gerti
Gertie Gertrud
Gerty Gesa
Gescha Gesche
Gesha Gesi
Gesina Geska
Gessa Gesse
Gessi Gessie
Gessy Gesta
Geste Getty
Ghana Ghandi
Ghandia Ghandie
Gheisha Ghia
Ghina Ghjny
Ghosa Gia
Giada Giana
Gianna Giany
Giba Gibsi
Gibsina Gibsy
Gibsyna Gicy
Gidda Giddi
Giddy Gide
Giela Gienger
Giesa Giescha
Giggi Gigi
Gigina Gihna
Gil Gila
Gilbe Gilda
Gilde Gildewangen'S
Gilia Gilka
Gill Gilla
Gilli Gillie
Gimba Gimi
Gimmi Gimmy
Gina Ginala
Ginara Gindy
Ginga Ginger
Gini Ginie
Ginja Ginna
Ginni Ginnie
Ginny Ginsi
Giny Gioia
Gipsa Gipsi
Gipsie Gipsy
Gipsygirl Gira
Girka Girl
Girly Girona
Gisa Gisbina
Gischa Gisela
Gisell Giselle
Gishi Gisi
Gismut Gissa
Gissi Gissy
Gisya Gita
Gitana Gitta
Gittara Gitte
Gitti Gitty
Gitzi Giulia
Giva Giwa
Giza Gladis
Gladys Glamhøj'S
Glana Glanda
Glandi Glandys
Glarbo Glarissa
Glen Glena
Glenda Glendi
Glendie Gleni
Glenlossie Gleo
Glitter Glocke
Glodi Glonda
Glora Glori
Gloria Glorie
Glory Glosemosen'S
Gluni Glutti
Goa Gobi
Gobie Goda
Goela Goesta
Goja Gola
Golanda Golda
Goldfee Goldi
Goldie Goldine
Goldy Golfi
Golli Gollie
Gona Gonda
Gondel Gondra
Gonna Gonni
Gonnie Gonny
Gonsha Gony
Gora Gorba
Gorda Gordi
Gorfeca Gorga
Gori Gorla
Gorrie Gosa
Goscha Gosh
Gosie Gosina
Gossi Gosta
Gota Gotcha
Gotina Goya
Gozilla Grace
Gracia Gracie
Gracy Grafitie
Grammie Granada
Granate Granda
Grandel Grandy
Grane Grani
Granja Granni
Grannie Granny
Granya Graphic
Grappa Graue
Graxi Grazi
Grazia Grazie
Grecia Greda
Gredna Greja
Gremi Grenada
Grenda Grendi
Greta Gretchen
Grete Gretel
Gretje Gretle
Greve Greywood
Grid Grilla
Grille Grilli
Grina Grine
Grisca Grischa
Grischka Grisly
Grissi Grissy
Grit Gritlie
Gritt Gritta
Grittala Gritte
Gritty Groa
Grone Grula
Grussa Grusti
Grya Grámanns
Gräfin Grön
Grübchen Guapa
Guate Gucci
Gudrun Guenni
Guera Guerra
Guess Gugia
Gulinka Gulivia
Gulja Guna
Gunda Gundana
Gundel Gundi
Gundl Gundula
Gundy Guni
Gunna Gunnarsholts
Gunni Gussi
Gussy Gusta
Guste Gustel
Gusti Gustie
Gutta Gutti
Guya Gwana
Gwara Gwen
Gwenda Gwendie
Gwendoline Gwendy
Gwenn Gwinny
Gwonda Gwyn
Gyami Gyla
Gyll Gylla
Gypsi Gypsy
Gysa Gässi
Göre Gösta
Güde Gündy


The boys The girls
Haakon Haard
Hacki Hacky
Haco Hades
Hado Hadrian
Hadsch Hadshy
Haegar Haenk
Haero Hafran'S
Hagadahls Hagar
Hagen Hago
Hagon Hai
Haico Haido
Haik Haiko
Hailo Hain
Haio Hajak
Hajek Hajo
Hajos Hakan
Haki Hakim
Hakon Hakonas
Hakurt Halco
Haldo Half
Halforo Halk
Halko Hall
Hallo Halunk
Halunke Halvar
Hamato Hambo
Hamilkar Hamlet
Hammer Hammurabi
Hampy Hando
Handro Handy
Hang Hanibal
Hanjo Hank
Hanko Hankos
Hannes Hannibal
Hanno Hano
Hans Hansel
Hansi Hanter
Hanto Hantosso
Hanut Hape
Happ Happl
Happy Harald
Haras Harbin
Harco Hard
Hardi Hardo
Hardt Hardy
Harex Haribo
Harif Harko
Harkon Harkoon
Harkos Harkym
Harlan Harlekin
Harley Harly
Harms Haro
Haron Harper
Harpo Harrald
Harras Harrie
Harris Harro
Harry Harryo
Hart Hartmut
Harto Harun
Harus Haruz
Harvey Harvy
Has Hasan
Hasard Hasco
Hasdrubal Hash
Haskan Hasko
Hasky Haslan
Hassan Hasse
Hassenkam'S Hasso
Hassold Haswin
Hatch Hatlan
Hatsch Hatto
Hatz Hauk
Hauke Havex
Haweto Hax
Hay Hayat
Hayek Hayes
Hayk Haymo
Hayo Hayos
Haßling Heaven
Heck Hecktor
Hector Heddo
Hedo Hedos
Heerco Heico
Heide Heido
Heidum'S Heiko
Heilei'S Heilei`S
Heim Heimo
Hein Heiner
Heini Heino
Heinrich Heinz
Heio Hek
Hektor Heky
Hel Held
Helgo Helias
Helio Helios
Helk Helko
Hellas Hello
Hellstorm Helmo
Helo Helot
Helvus Hemingway
Hemmer Hendo
Hendrik Henessy
Henjo Henk
Henky Henner
Hennes Hennig
Henning Henninger
Henno Hennry
Henrico Henrik
Henry Henzo
Herakles Heras
Herat Herbert
Herbi Herbu
Herby Herco
Hercules Herdis
Herennius Herko
Herkules Herky
Hermann Hermes
Hermino Hermo
Hermy Hero
Herodes Herold
Heron Heros
Herri Herro
Herry Herton
Herzog Hesko
Hess Hesseni
Heto Hettel
Hettelo Hetto
Hetz Hexan
Hexer Heymo
Hianki Hias
Hiasl Hickins
Hieronymus Hierosch
Higgens Higgins
Highlander Hiks
Hildo Hilger
Hilko Hill
Hillo Hilo
Him Himmo
Hindo Hindu
Hinnerk Hinno
Hinrich Hiob
Hip Hippy
Hiro Hirsch'S
Hirte Hissar
Hit Hitchcock
Hitcliff Hito
Hitschcock Hix
Hobby Hobit
Hoby Hogan
Hojbo'S Hokky
Holeck Holgar
Holger Holgert
Holk Holl
Holler Holm
Hombre Homer
Homere Honddo
Hondo Hondor
Hongo Honko
Honsy Hontas
Honx Hook
Hoor Hoos
Horan Horand
Horgo Horko
Horkun Horrand
Horror Horst
Hort Hos
Hoss Hotte
Hotzenplotz Houk
Howard Howdy
Howy Hoyas
Hoyce Hrom
Hubert Huberto
Huby Huck
Huckleberry Hucky
Hudan Hudson
Hugh Hugo
Huit Hulk
Hummel Humphrey
Humphri Humphry
Hundert Hunko
Hunt Hunter
Hupp Huppy
Huran Hurby
Hurikan Hurrican
Hurrikan Hurtig
Hurtz Hurz
Husar Hussan
Huszar Hutch
Hutsch Hutz
Huutsch Hyago
Hyas Hylas
Hyman Hyp
Hypo Hyres
Hyro Hägar
Häger Hänk
Hännes Höchsmann'S
Hörby Hörgaden'S
H'Echo Habana
Habea Hada
Hadda Hadi
Hadia Hadila
Hadja Hadria
Hady Hafa
Haffran'S Hafran'S
Haga Haida
Haidra Haidy
Haifa Haiga
Haige Haika
Haike Haila
Haischa Haiti
Haja Haley
Halfa Halfi
Halifax Halina
Halissa Halka
Halla Hallana
Halli Halma
Haloa Halpha
Haltesse Hamanda
Hammie Hamsel'S
Hana Hanabel
Hanca Handi
Handia Handie
Handja Handra
Handri Hanett
Hanette Hani
Hania Hanie
Hanja Hanka
Hanna Hannah
Hanne Hannelore
Hanni Hannie
Hannika Hannila
Hanny Hansa
Hansie Hanta
Hantje Hanuta
Happie Happy
Happyness Hara
Harda Harfe
Harley Harlie
Harly Harmonie
Harmony Harra
Harriet Harta
Harti Hascha
Hasel Hasi
Hasie Haska
Haskia Haskja
Haspe Hassenkam'S
Hassi Hassia
Hassie Hasta
Haste Hastra
Hastrid Hat
Hatia Hatja
Hatschepsut Hatschi
Hatta Hatti
Hatya Hauke
Havane Havanna
Haven Hawa
Haweto Haya
Hayca Hayda
Hazara Hazel
Hazienda Heartoflasandra
Heavie Heda
Hedda Heddy
Hedel Hedge
Hedi Hedy
Heena Hefa
Hefta Hege
Heida Heide
Heidi Heidrun
Heidschi Heidum'S
Heidy Heifa
Heifi Heige
Heika Heike
Heikena Heila
Heilei'S Heily
Heinke Hekla
Hel Hela
Helche Heldtritt
Helen Helena
Helga Helge
Heli Helia
Helinda Heliosz
Helja Helke
Hella Helle
Hellen Heller
Hellge Helli
Hellie Hellraise
Hellstorm Helly
Helma Helmi
Helmie Helmswind
Helsa Hely
Hemi Hemie
Heni Henja
Henjie Henna
Henni Hennie
Henny Hennya
Henriet Henriette
Henrike Hepta
Hera Herba
Herfa Heris
Herka Herla
Herlinde Hermeline
Hermi Herna
Hernie Heroine
Herra Herrada
Herta Hertha
Herzchen Herzi
Hese Hesee
Hesel Heska
Heske Hespa
Hessa Hessel
Hesseni Hessi
Hessie Hessy
Hesta Hester
Hestia Hestja
Hesua Heta
Hetolas Hetta
Hette Hetti
Hettie Hetty
Hetya Hevea
Hex Hexa
Hexana Hexe
Hexel Hexi
Hexie Hexl
Hexy Heydi
Heyra Hezel
Hianny Hibar'S
Hicki Hidi
Higgi Hilary
Hilda Hilde
Hildegard Hildena
Hilfi Hilga
Hilka Hilkaja
Hilke Hilla
Hillary Hille
Hillery Hilli
Hillu Hilly
Hilma Hinda
Hindi Hindra
Hinka Hiony
Hippa Hippi
Hippie Hippy
Hira Hiris
Hirra Hirsch'S
Hisel Hisette
Hiska Hiske
Hiss Hiwa
Hixi Hjorth
Hodna Hoike
Hoja Hojbo'S
Hojbos Hoka
Holda Holde
Holdi Holga
Holi Hollana
Holle Holli
Holliday Hollie
Hollija Holly
Holly-Wood Hollyna
Holy Homke
Homo Honda
Hondi Hondra
Honey Honeybee
Honja Honny
Hony Hope
Hora Hore
Horge Horka
Horna Hornisse
Horsnae'S Hortana
Hostess Hotie
Hotina Hotte
Hronda Huejati
Hula Hulda
Huli Hullybaloo
Hummel Hundra
Hunnie Hunta
Hura Huscha
Huskie Hussa
Hussi Huste
Hute Hydra
Hydria Hylka
Hymea Hymne
Hyolli Hyper
Hyra Häsel
Hässel Höchsmann'S
Hörgaden'S Hürde


The boys The girls
Iago Iako
Iamb Ian
Iassko Ibar
Ibas Ibbo
Ibert Ibikus
Ibis Ibn
Ibo Ibor
Ibrahim Ibur
Icar Icare
Icco Ice
Ickas Icke
Icknaz Icko
Ickon Icks
Ickx Ico
Icon Idan
Idas Ideaal
Ideal Idefix
Idel Idelfix
Idem Ido
Idol Idomeneo
Idor Iduno
Idur Idus
Ieck Ierck
Ieron Ifalco
Iff Iffo
Ifro Igar
Igel Iger
Igges Iggy
Iglo Iglu
Ignatz Ignaz
Ignazius Igo
Igor Igorio
Ihf Ihlo
Ijanus Ijasco
Ijello Ikar
Ikaro Ikarus
Ikas Ikasso
Ike Ikhoor
Ikko Iko
Ikon Ikono
Ikor Ikoro
Ikos Iku
Ikus Ilan
Ilano Ilarius
Ilbo Ilc
Ilcon Ildo
Ilex Ilg
Ilga Ilgor
Ilian Ilias
Ilito Ilium
Ilja Iljar
Iljo Ilk
Ilka'S Ilkas
Ilko Ilkon
Ilkor Ill
Illa Illas
Illex Illgner
Illia Illion
Illja Illkim
Illko Illo
Illor Illoro
Illoß Ills
Illu Illux
Ilm Ilo
Ilog Ilon
Ilos Ilox
Iloy Iltios
Iltis Ilto
Ilton Ilty
Ilvo Image
Imar Imax
Imbar Imber
Imbiss Imbro
Imbus Imdo
Imex Imker
Imko Imman
Immel Immo
Immolo Immor
Imo Imon
Imor Imperator
Impuls Ina
Inco Indago
Inder Index
Indian Indiana
Indianer Indien
Indigo Indio
Indo Indo-Ras
Indok Indor
Indro Indu
Indus Indy
Inferno Info
Inglas Ingmar
Ingo Ingolf
Ingor Ingoro
Ingwin Ingwio
Ink Inkas
Inko Inkos
Inn Inno
Ino Inoi
Inok Inouk
Inschallah Inspektor
Intakt Intel
Inter Inti
Into Intu
Inuny Iolanda
Ioll Ion
Ionas Iork
Ipalo Ipon
Ips Ipsen
Ipsos Irak
Iran Irano
Iras Irasco
Irass Irco
Irdo Ires
Irex Irgo
Iriac Irian
Irk Irkan
Irkhan Irko
Irkos Irks
Irkus Irlo
Irmfrid Iro
Irodt Irok
Irokese Iron
Irono Iroquois
Iros Irras
Irus Irvin
Irwisch Irx
Iry Isa
Isaak Isack
Isak Isan
Isaro Isco
Isegrimm Isidor
Iskan Isko
Ismael Ismo
Iso Isoko
Isolf Ison
Isor Isostar
Isphahan Ispo
Isso Isto
Istor Istro
Istros Istwan
Isu Isuk
Isvan Itallo
Italo Itano
Itas Itass
Itchin Ito
Itoh Iton
Itor Itos
Itrusk Itsch
Itto Itus
Itze Itzepit
Iury Ivan
Ivanhoe Ivano
Ivar Iven
Ives Ivo
Ivono Ivonus
Ivor Ivro
Iwan Iwary
Iwen Iwestro
Iwo Iwonos
Iwor Ixor
Ixoros Izar
Izmir Izzo
Iada Iaffa
Iamba Iana
Ianda Ianka
Ianni Iba
Ibbi Ibenis
Iberia Ibiza
Ibizza Ibka
Ibonna Ibra
Ibsy Ica
Icca Icestella
Ici Ida
Idana Idda
Ide Idea
Idee Idem
Idgie Idil
Idina Idis
Idris Idun
Iduna Iella
Iessica Iessy
Iff Iffa
Iffi Iffie
Ify Igi
Ignes Ihmchen
Ihna Ijana
Ika Ike
Ikka Ikona
Ikone Ikosa
Ila Ilana
Ilanie Ilanka
Ilca Ilchen
Ilda Ildrun
Ilena Ilexa
Ilga Ilgasa
Ilge Ilia
Ilijana Ilja
Ilka Ilka'S
Ilke Ilkie
Illa Illana
Ille Iller
Illi Illie
Ilma Ilme
Ilon Ilona
Ilonana Ilonka
Ilonkana Iloya
Ilsa Ilscha
Ilse Ilta
Iltie Iltschi
Ilu Ilva
Ilvy Ilwa
Ilya Ilza
Ilze Imana
Imann Imba
Imbra Imja
Imka Imke
Imma Imme
Immi Immy
Imola Impulse
Imuna Ina
Inaja Inana
Inata Inca
Incha Inchen
Inda Inde
Indee Indi
India Indiana
Indie Indira
Indra Indrana
Indria Indy
Ine Inea
Inee Ineke
Ines Inesa
Inessa Inesse
Inez Infantina
Inga Inge
Ingel Inger
Ingra Ingrid
Ingwa Ini
Inia Inis
Inix Inja
Inji Injoy
Inka Inkana
Inke Inken
Inkes Inki
Inky Inna
Inne Innes
Innie Innocentia
Inny Inoko
Inra Insa
Inscha Inse
Insel Inska
Inster Intana
Intra Inula
Inverness Inwa
Ioka Iola
Iolanda Ioleen
Iona Ioochigeas
Iorga Iota
Iowa Ipa
Iphigenie Ippsie
Ipsa Ipse
Ipsi Ira
Iran Irana
Iranca Irbis
Irca Irda
Irena Irene
Ires Iria
Irie Irina
Iris Irisa
Iriss Iriß
Irka Irke
Irki Irla
Irma Irmche
Irme Irmel
Irmi Irmia
Irmy Irona
Ironie Irsi
Irssa Irta
Irutschka Isa
Isaball Isabeau
Isabel Isabell
Isabella Isabelle
Isaboe Isaboh
Isadora Isar
Isaura Isca
Ischa Ische
Ischi Ischia
Ischka Ischna
Ischura Ischy
Iscia Ise
Isel Isett
Isetta Iseult
Isha Isi
Isia Isidora
Isis Iska
Iske Iskia
Iskjana Iskra
Isma Ismalja
Isna Isny
Isobathe Isobell
Isola Isolde
Ispe Ispel
Isre Issa
Issanka Issel
Issi Issina
Issis Issy
Issy-Tanja Ista
Istha Istra
Isy Ita
Itala Italia
Italie Iti
Itta Itte
Itti Ittie
Ituri Itze
Itzi Iulia
Iva Ivana
Ive Ivett
Ivetta Ivette
Ivi Ivie
Ivina Ivoire
Ivoly Ivon
Ivona Ivone
Ivonn Ivonne
Ivy Iwa
Iwan Iwana
Iwanka Iwett
Iwie Iwon
Iwone Iwonn
Iwuta Iwy
Ixa Ixci
Ixe Ixes
Ixi Ixie
Ixy Iza
Izabell Izara
Izola Izzi


The boys The girls
Jab Jabbo
Jabo Jacco
Jaccomo Jaccoro
Jach Jack
Jacker Jacki
Jackl Jacko
Jackomo Jackson
Jacky Jaco
Jacomo Jacques
Jada Jado
Jag Jager
Jaggl Jago
Jagor Jagos
Jaguar Jahn
Jaime Jair
Jairzinho Jak
Jake Jakko
Jako Jakob
Jaky Jalco
Jaldur Jalf
Jalfy Jalk
Jalko Jambano
Jambart Jambo
Jambor James
Jammy Jamp
Jamy Jan
Janco Jancoi
Jancsy Jando
Jandor Jandro
Janek Jango
Jangos Jangster
Janik Jank
Janki Janko
Jankor Janky
Jann Jannek
Jannes Jannik
Janno Janny
Jano Janos
Janosch Jansik
Janu Janus
Jap Jappeloup
Japs Jarass
Jarbo Jarco
Jard Jareck
Jargo Jarius
Jarko Jarl
Jaro Jaron
Jarro Jarry
Jarus Jary
Jascha Jaschar
Jaschin Jascho
Jasco Jasgo
Jasgor Jaskan
Jasko Jaslo
Jasmo Jaso
Jason Jasper
Jassko Jasso
Jassu Jastin
Jastro Jatho
Jatin Javan
Jax Jay
Jaydy Jayme
Jazz Jazzer
Jazzo Jeal
Jean Jeans
Jec Jecco
Jeck Jecko
Jecky Jedei
Jeff Jek
Jello Jelzin
Jen-Ager'S Jencky
Jenk Jenky
Jenno Jeno
Jens Jenö
Jerely Jeremie
Jeremy Jerez
Jerico Jero
Jerom Jerome
Jeronimo Jeroo
Jerri Jerrily
Jerrino Jerro
Jerry Jerry-Lee
Jervis Jerzy
Jesko Jesper
Jesse Jesse-Jämes
Jester Jet
Jett Jetto
Jey-Jey Jibe
Jibson Jicco
Jigger Jilko
Jill Jillo
Jim Jim-Jim
Jimbo Jimmi
Jimmy Jimy
Jin Jingo
Jink Jino
Jirko Jiroy
Jisko Jiwan
Joas Jobo
Jochen Jochy
Jock Jockel
Jocker Jockero
Jockes Jocki
Jockl Jocko
Jocky Jodge
Jodl Jodo
Joe Joegy
Joel Joerca
Joey Joffrey
Joger Joggo
Jogi Jogl
Jogo Jogy
Johann John
John-Boy Johnny
Johny Joi
Jojo Jokel
Joker Jokes
Jokl Joko
Joky Jol
Jolko Joll
Jolly Jon
Jonah Jonas
Jonatan Jones
Jongleur Jonn
Jonnos Jonny
Jony Joop
Jordan Jorden
Jorg Jork
Jorko Jorky
Jorrox Jorry
Jory Josch
Joscha Joschi
Joschka Joschua
Joschy Josef
Josh Joshe
Joshi Joshua
Joskar Josker
Josko Joss
Jost Joury
Jovan Joy
Joyo Jrco
Jroky Juan
Jubel Jucca
Judo Jugo
Jukas Juko
Jukon Julex
Julian Julio
Julius Jumbo
Jumet Jump
Jumper Junck
Jung Junior
Junjor Junker
Junky Juno
Jupiter Jupp
Juppi Juppy
Jupy Jura
Juran Jurass
Jurek Juri
Jurik Jurino
Jurist Jurko
Jury Jus
Juschnu Juso
Just Justin
Justus Justy
Juventus Juwel
Juwo Jux
Jäger Jörg
Jörn Jüpp
J'Nicole J.K.
Jabsi Jaca
Jacatra Jacki
Jackie Jackina
Jacklin Jacky
Jaclina Jacobinia
Jacquelin Jacqueline
Jada Jade
Jaelle Jaen
Jaenna Jaffa
Jaffe Jafra
Jaga Jagira
Jagna Jagsi
Jahna Jahsra
Jaika Jaila
Jaimie Jaja
Jakarta Jaki
Jakurta Jala
Jaldin Jali
Jalina Jalinka
Jalka Jalla
Jallie Jallin
Jalna Jalta
Jalve Jalvi
Jama Jamaica
Jamaika Jamaikana
Jamba Jameika
Jamie Jamie-Lee
Jamina Jamira
Jamy Jana
Janana Janara
Janca Janda
Jandra Jane
Janel Janet
Janett Janette
Janga Jani
Janice Janie
Janila Janin
Janina Janine
Janita Janka
Jankara Janke
Janki Janko
Janna Janne
Jannett Janni
Jannie Jannine
Janny Jansie
Janta Janti
Jany Japura
Jaqueline Jara
Jari Jarina
Jarise Jarmela
Jascha Jaska
Jaskya Jasmien
Jasmin Jasmina
Jasmine Jasra
Jassa Jassi
Jassie Jasska
Jassy Jaste
Jastie Jastin
Jasty Jata
Jatranca Java
Jave Jawa
Jawasa Jawina
Jaya Jazz
Jazza Jean
Jeanett Jeanne
Jeannie Jeanny
Jeany Jecki
Jeckie Jecky
Jeffa Jeidi
Jeika Jeike
Jeila Jeki
Jela Jeli
Jelka Jella
Jelly Jelphie
Jemi Jemy
Jen Jen-Ager'S
Jena Jende
Jeni Jenie
Jeniver Jenka
Jenke Jenna
Jennana Jenne
Jenner Jenni
Jennie Jennifer
Jennjenna Jenny
Jennya Jenta
Jeny Jera
Jerina Jermaine
Jerri Jerrie
Jerrita Jersey
Jersie Jesicka
Jesika Jeska
Jeslie Jess
Jessa Jesse
Jessi Jessica
Jessie Jessienala
Jessika Jessy
Jessyka Jesta
Jetske Jetta
Jette Jetti
Jetty Jeva
Jewel Jeywood
Jicy Jieny
Jiffy Jika
Jil Jilka
Jill Jilla
Jille Jilli
Jillian Jilly
Jina Jindra
Jiness Jini
Jinna Jinni
Jinnja Jiny
Jip Jipsy
Jira Jirana
Jisa Jiska
Jiskia Jissy
Jitka Jitta
Jity Jive
Jjka Jkoy
Jlka Jo-Aenn
Jo-Ann Jo-Jo
Joana Joanana
Joanna Joca
Joceline Jocka
Jockie Jocla
Joda Jodie
Jodita Jody
Joeie Joela
Joesie Joeta
Joga Jogi
Johanna Johla
Joice Joie
Joka Joke
Jokohoma Jokonita
Jola Jolana
Jolanda Jolande
Jolanthe Jole
Joli Jolie
Jolka Jolla
Jolle Jolli
Jollie Jolly
Jombie Jona
Jonda Joni
Jonie Jonka
Jonna Jopie
Jora Jordi
Jorga Jori
Jorina Jorka
Jorrie Josa
Joschi Joschie
Joschika Josefin
Josefine Josella
Josephine Josi
Josie Josifin
Josina Joska
Jossi Jossie
Josy Jota
Journala Journey
Jovita Jowanna
Joxa Joy
Joya Joyce
Joynie Joys
Joysie Juana
Juanita Jubile
Jucca Jucka
Jucke Jucki
Juckie Judi
Judid Judidt
Judie Judisa
Judit Judith
Judy Juga
Juka Juki
Jukie Juky
Jul Jula
Julchen Jule
Juli Julia
Juliana Juliane
Julie Juliet
Julischka Juliska
Julita Julitta
Julka Jully
July Juma
Jumba Jummie
Juna Junda
June Juni
Junipera Junkertums
Junon Junta
Junte Juppa
Juppie Jura
Jurga Jurie
Juscha Juschka
Jusie Jussia
Justa Justie
Justine Justizia
Justy Juta
Jutta Jutte
Juvena Juwel
Juxa Jyvonne
Jäckie Jäcky



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